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10 reasons Gibraltar should be on your travel list

17 February 2021

Let’s explore and discover the 10 reasons you should put Gibraltar on your travel list. It’s safe to say that this year we are all hoping for a better brighter future. Where traveling to a new country is a breeze and not a costly risk to your health and others. The pandemic I am sure has affected every single person in the world in one way or another. We hope this post can help you select your next holiday destination.

Let’s take a look at the 10 reasons Gibraltar should be on your travel list!

Gibraltar has familiar home comforts

Gibraltar is a small British Overseas Territory just off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Offering perfect hot weather needed to fulfill that holiday feeling but also the common comforts of home. For example, English is the language in Gibraltar reducing the risk of them awkward lost in translations moments! The local supermarket, which you would never expect to see in hot Weather, includes a Morrison’s for all your much-loved food products. What a luxury to have an English bacon Sandwich on the beach!

Small and easy to travel around when visiting for short periods

Gibraltar is only 6.8 kilometres squared, with a population of just 32,000. The advantages of this means you can travel around the rock very easily with everything within walking distance or a very short bus ride. The Rock could be a challenge due the very high incline, but you can always take a taxi to the top or ride the Cable car

Gibraltar’s very own airport

Gibraltar International Airport offers easy links to the UK. Flights from Edinburgh, Manchester, London Gatwick, London Heathrow and Bristol are easy connections. The airport is just next to the frontier and so you can pass into Spain with the correct documentation or you can make your way into Gibraltar, which includes crossing the runway! If you check out the times for the departures and arrivals and time it right you can have a full view of a plane taking off. The Airport also has a viewing balcony over the run way so this provides an even better view. You can’t get any closer. It also means it will be a short ride away from your Gibraltar accommodation.

There are many attractions and monuments to see

There are many things to see and do in Gibraltar. In such a small area you can see everything in one day. The top of the Rock has many attractions like the Skywalk, Windsor Suspicion Bridge and Lower Saint Michael’s Cave all perfect to keep you busy. Most of the attractions are family friendly and there’s no problem to travel around with the little ones. Apart from the amazing views at the top of the rock, it is also home to the only wild Barbary Ape population in Europe, the apes have been at the top of the rock for centuries. They are worth a look when in Gibraltar, although we do urge people to be careful as these are wild animals after all. Don’t carry any food or plastic bags or they will rip these from your hands.

You can’t beat the Tax free prices.

What’s better than Tax free! Gibraltar is a VAT free jurisdiction so buying goods like perfumes, alcohol and tobacco are much cheaper to purchase in Gibraltar. They are the best duty-free goods on offer! There are limits for the amount of goods you can pass through the airport with or how much you can buy once in the airport. Items exceeding the controlled amount will be ceased.

A rich history

Despite its size, Gibraltar has been at the front of many battles. With many different cultures and regions fighting to take control of this little vantage point. Gibraltar’s placement made it a strategic fortress for battling. In WW2 Gibraltar was used as a naval base to control all traffic to and from the Mediterranean ocean and the Atlantic.

Spain is an arm’s length away

Due to the Gibraltar airport being so close to the frontier, it enables tourists to travel over to Spain with ease. There may be some limitations after Brexit but it looks like Gibraltar is trying to be part of the Schengen Area, which will allow freedom of movement much like the boarder with Portugal and Spain. And so, you can visit Gibraltar for the day or a couple of days and then move over to Spain.

Many bars and restaurants to enjoy

There are many Marinas and Bars available in Gibraltar. Ocean Village is a great place for food and drink with many bars within walking distance.  Queensway Quay provides a tranquil space for relaxation and maybe a quiet cup of Coffee. For a special occasion Mons Calpe Suite at the top of the rock provides stunning views and delicious food.

Dolphin and Whale sightseeing

Dolphins and Whales are a regular site for the straight Gibraltar due to the opening between Spain and Africa. There are companies offering boat tours to see Dolphin and Whales directly from the port of Gibraltar. You also get a great view of the Gibraltar Rock.  Tickets are on offer online but you do get 10% off when staying with Westone Luxury Self Catered Apartments!

Conquering the rock!

Why not walk up the rock using the Med Steps. Offering the most amazing views the med steps are real challenge to face and a massive achievement when completed, the climb is 419m above sea level. They are steep and so if you suffer from vertigo or Acrophobia, we wouldn’t recommend taking part. The Med steps are the best place for that perfect Instagram shot!

Now, I hope that these few reasons to visit Gibraltar encourage you to add it to your travel list the following few years. Once the wrath of Covid-19 slows and flights are up and running we look forward to welcoming you to the Westone Luxury Self Catered Apartments. We provide a 4 star service on your self catered accommodation in Gibraltar. Offering Luxury apartments fully fitted to suit your needs, we offer more in-room facilities than the usual Gibraltar hotels!