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The ultimate Guide: The best restaurants in Gibraltar

8 December 2022

If you are a true foodie, then you might not instantly think of traveling to Gibraltar. Nevertheless, thanks to it rich history, the rock is a true melting pot of flavors and rich tastes of international & local cuisine.

Gibraltar is located near Spain and Morroco. Furthermore, it is a British Overseas Territory. This has resulted in a combination of British, Spanish, and Moroccan food influences in Gibraltar. However, Indian food is also popular in Gibraltar as well as other kinds of food. We have selected the top 20 best restaurants in Gibraltar.

Italian restaurants

italian foodDo you feel like eating Italian food? There are multiple good Italian restaurants in Gibraltar. We have selected the best 2 for you.

Cafe Solo

Café Solo is a Mediterranean restaurant with a focus on Italian cuisine, including pastas, salads, and pizzas. It is located in the imposing Grand Casemates Square. This large restaurant, which is housed inside the remains of the former bomb-proof barracks, is excellent for both family meals and business dinners. Visitors can unwind in the café throughout the day or enjoy dinner here in the evening while dining from a wide selection of menu items made with fresh ingredients.


Nunos is an Italian restaurant in Catalan Bay. The location of Nunos provides guests with expansive views of the Rock of Gibraltar as well as tantalising hints of southern Spain and Morocco. providing unobstructed views of the Mediterranean Sea’s gorgeous waters. In its unique setting, Nunos blends stunning views with a cosy eating experience.

Indian restaurants

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There are many Indian restaurants in Gibraltar due to the fact that many English people love them. We have selected the best 3 Indian restaurants in Gibraltar.

Curry and Sushi

Visit Curry and Sushi after the promenade around where Ocean Village finishes. In the comfort of this restaurant, experience new culinary flavours with Indian food. Calamari, cheese naans, and tempura rolls that have been prepared well, resulting in a pleasant flavour. The chefs at Curry and Sushi do their utmost to serve great puddings, ice cream, and kulfi to customers.

Select from indoor or outdoor seating. Many reviewers mention this establishment’s excellent staff and quick service. Reviews have generally noted that pricing are reasonable for what is offered. Customers may unwind in this space thanks to the lovely decor and inviting ambiance. This location received a Google rating of 4.6.

Little Bay Cocktail Bar & Indian Restaurant

One of the best fine-dining Indian restaurants in Gibraltar is Little Bay Cocktail Bar & Indian Restaurant. To avoid taking the spotlight from the delicious flavour of the cuisine, the chic and elegant furnishings have been deliberately designed in neutral, muted honey & caramel tones enhanced with a hint of gold. The venue features floor to ceiling glass sliding doors with waterfront views and can accommodate up to 140 people for dinner or more for a stand-up reception.

With its tropical flowers, plants, and herbs, a trickling water fountain, and ambient lighting, the outdoor deck is a tranquil haven. As you enter for a quiet drink or a leisurely meal, it offers a welcome escape from the chaos of the outside world. offering 60 or 100 seats.

Raj’s Curry House

Raj’s Curry House, a restaurant on Queensway Road in the harbor, uses real herbs and spices to make mouthwatering curry favourites that are served with delectable sides, a selection of rices, pickles, and attentive service. It is one of the most famous Indian restaurants in Gibraltar.

British restaurants

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There are also many British restaurants in Gibraltar. This is mainly due to Gibraltar being a British Overseas Territory. Plus, the British restaurants have such a well-known amazing atmosphere. We have selected the best 2 British restaurants.

The Lord Nelson

This restaurant is well-known for its fish and chips. This is why The Lord Nelson is the place to go for a traditional British fare. The establishment provides enthusiastic guests with the classic British pub cuisine experience and is located on Grand Casemates Square. The restaurant, which bears Lord Nelson’s name, is designed as a “bar-brasserie” and serves food typically found in British country pubs, such as juicy steaks and fresh fish.

You can also call in for a morning coffee and utilise the free wifi while reading the Daily Telegraph with Sports and Sky news always on the screen. Meet the audience instead at a Super Sunday football game. The Lord Nelson is the best place to watch sports on TV while sipping a delicious beer in the winter.

The Clipper

Once you’ve enjoyed Cathedral of St Mary the Crowned, stop by The Clipper, which is not far away. The Clipper’s British cuisine is highly recommended. Here you can savour well-crafted meat pies, an amazing chicken curry and tasty chicken pies. Try their generous apple tartlet, unique apple pie and enticing ice cream. Furthermore, beer and pub food magically combine. The tavern has a hazy nautical theme that is noticeable but not overpowering, letting the whole personality and ambiance take centre stage. Of course, we mean “beer and food” when we say “character and environment.

Mediterranean restaurants

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There are many Mediterranean restaurants in Gibraltar. In addition, most of those offer a real fine-dining experience. We have selected the top 5.

Barbary Restaurant

A brand-new level of dining elegance in the Barbary Restaurant. Fusion cuisine from the Mediterranean and North Africa blending dishes from all across the Mediterranean Sea, not to mention our British Classics, with rich flavours and spices of the “barbary” coast. Escape the commotion of Gibraltar’s crowded streets and treat yourself to an amazing dining experience.

El Rincon de Monte y Mar

Another luxury restaurant is El Rincón de Monte y Mar, which stands out among the Marina Ocean Village’s restaurants. There are numerous reasons to visit and learn about their gastronomic offer:

  • The grade of our raw materials is excellent. top quality seafood, fish, and meat.
  • A culinary style that combines the best modern gastronomy methods with the local, traditional, and freshest ingredients available.

The Rock Hotel Restaurant

The Rock Hotel Restaurant is a fine dining restaurant and takes great pleasure in its excellent cuisine, which features flavors from Morocco, Spain, and, of course, the best of British cuisine to reflect Gibraltar’s rich heritage. Visitors can enjoy their lunch or dinner at The Restaurant or just unwind with a refreshing gin and tonic in its cozy surroundings that blend modern comfort with colonial splendor.

In addition, the beautiful Restaurant and Wisteria Terrace welcome visitors with a substantial breakfast to start the day. A lunch in the modern style is offered later in the day, and dinner is served in the brasserie style.

Bistro Point Balcony

Bistro Point is a fine dining restaurant in Gibraltar within the University of Gibraltar. There is space for 100 people with table service and for 250 people with tapas, canapés, or buffets. It is also possible to have private, business, or wedding events in this restaurant. The delicious menu is created by Chef Ben Hayes and his team. Ben Hayes is a Michelin-trained chef. In addition, this restaurant is set on a balcony with amazing views across Europa Point in Gibraltar. This restaurant is open for breakfast as well as for lunch.

The Waterfront Restaurant & Bar

The Waterfront restaurant and bar takes pride in serving only the best food, including traditional favorites and delectable Mediterranean fare. In addition, it will offer the ideal setting for enjoying a delicious supper while watching the sunset.

International/other restaurants

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Lastly, there are many other international restaurants in Gibraltar that are worth a visit. We have selected the best 8 international/other restaurants.

Bistro Madeline

At Gibraltar’s Bistro Madeleine, where the dining experience of a French café is precisely imitated, a fusion of French and continental cuisine is at its core. The bistro gives French flavors a contemporary Gibraltarian twist by providing a variety of succulent meat cuts and vegetarian substitutes.


For the past 30 years, Gibraltarians have enjoyed delectable cuisine with a tropical flair at Biancas restaurant and bar. It is one of Gibraltar’s marina restaurants. The stunning quayside patio that is bordered by this kid-friendly restaurant offers magnificent sunset views to the patrons sipping wine in the twilight haze. The Biancas menu features a variety of meals, including pizza and classic and grill.

Hustle ‘n’ Flow

Hustle ‘n’ Flow Gibraltar is a health food café. It is one of the 6 Hustle ‘n Flow restaurants. The first one was opened in San Pedro de Alcántara, Spain, in 2018 with the goal:

This restaurant offers vegan and gluten-free alternatives for everything. Furthermore, they are in the top 10% of restaurants worldwide according to TripAdvisor’s The Traveler’s Choice Award. Therefore, this restaurant is a must-visit when you are in Gibraltar, and don’t forget to take the perfect photo for your Instagram feed.


Crepetize is a newly opened patisserie that offers crepes, cakes, waffle sticks, cool milkshakes, and more. The decoration is also worth mentioning as the interior is designed with pink and white colors. Crepetize offers catering services besides eating in the restaurant. In addition, it is possible to order online on their website. Their food and milkshakes will be serviced in such a stunning way that it is the perfect Instagram spot.

La Sala Restaurant & Bar

La Sala offers a space to suit your mood and a variety of meals to match, whether you’re enjoying a business lunch, a candlelit dinner, or cocktails at one of their three bars. The restaurant not only provides excellent value with their weekly set lunch menu but also a varied a la carte menu with a variety of international and Spanish favourites, all produced with the best ingredients. You can choose from the back terrace for an outdoor option, where you’ll find the ideal setting to unwind with a drink or eat under the stars.

Hacienda Patagonica

Hacienda Patagonica, a haven for carnivores on Parliament Lane in Irish Town, offers Argentinean steaks, a huge and delectable mixed grill, and a tapas bar with a good selection of accompanying wines.

Monday through Friday, Hacienda Patagónica offers a fantastic lunch menu with delicious dishes ranging in price from 8.90 to 13.90 euros, depending on your selection. This is a fantastic opportunity to sample some of our delectable cuisine, and it’s offered from 1 to 5 o’clock.


A popular restaurant in Southeast Asia with locations in the UK offers a nice selection of seafood, ramen dishes, and Asian beers in a lovely setting with views of the Ocean Village Marina. This restaurant is Wagamama, a Japanese cuisine restaurant. In addition, spend some time on their waterside terrace.

Lek Bangkok

In this tiny Thai restaurant and takeaway with seating upstairs, ask for spicy if that’s your thing. Lek Bangkok provides classic favorites such as flavorful Bangkok fried rice and red or green Thai curries, which are located in the EuroTowers on Europort Road. The menu at Lek Bangkok emphasizes variety, flavors, quality, and presentation for a genuine taste of Thailand. Traditional Thai cuisine is undoubtedly flavorful; aromatic curries are bursting with spices, and soups shine with lemon grass.

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