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Gibraltar – A Family Destination

28 May 2024

Discover the Perfect Family Holiday Destination

If you’re looking for a family-friendly holiday destination, you can’t go wrong with a visit to the historic Rock of Gibraltar. Well connected with major UK airports and renowned as a safe and secure holiday spot, Gibraltar’s compact size makes it easy to get around. All attractions, historical sites, and activities suited to a family holiday are quite literally on your doorstep. Our apartments are within walking distance of most destinations you’ll want to visit whilst on the Rock. Read on to find out more about how you can make a Bentley Holiday Apartment your base for a fun-packed family holiday in Gibraltar.

Fun and Educational Family Activities

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Local history dates back to the Neanderthals, with more recent history of the Great Sieges and World War II Tunnels. The Gibraltar National Museum in the Town Centre offers a fascinating insight into life in Gibraltar through the ages, showcasing its history and cultural heritage. While the new Natural History Museum in Parson’s Lodge overlooking Rosia Bay offers a rich view of local archaeology and wildlife.

Immerse Your Family in Gibraltar’s Rich History

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Even before you enter local museums and exhibitions, you’ll find history, culture, and archaeology all around you as you explore the Rock. From the imposing limestone cliffs on the north and east side to the west side town area and Upper Rock Nature Reserve, and round to the southernmost tip with views across to Africa and the Atlas Mountains on a clear day. There’s plenty to feast your eyes on, with colonial-style British architecture living alongside the ancient Moorish city walls and a wealth of culture in between.

Exciting Family Activities Near Bentley Holiday Apartments

Just a few minutes’ walk from Bentley Holiday Apartments, you’ll find King’s Bastion – a modern recreation facility built into the old Moorish Walls which used to hold the sea out of the Old Town. With two cinemas showing films in English, a bowling alley, and a boulder park among other activities, it’s a great place to escape and let the younger family members run off some steam whilst you sit and chill – or join in yourselves, after all, it is a family holiday! Back in our Holiday Apartments, you can make the most of the pool facilities, relax, and soak in the sun while the kids have fun.

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Family-Friendly Dining Options

Back down in town, you’ll find Gibraltar’s dining facilities in the form of bars and restaurants are nearly all family-friendly, with plenty of choices in types of dining from quick bites and take-aways to finer dining in the marinas, along with typical pub lunches and Spanish tapas in venues across the town and marinas. If you’re travelling with young children, we know eating habits and diets can be a challenge when on holiday. That’s why our Bentley Holiday Apartments come with a fully fitted kitchen and a British brand supermarket just across the road, so you can make yourselves at home with some familiar comforts if that’s what you need.

Experience Gibraltar’s Unique Culture

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With English as the official language, you’ll find Gibraltar an easy destination for travel as a family. You’ll also hear plenty of Llanito spoken – the local language based on a mix of English and Spanish with some Genoese and other influences, which has become a signature sound when visiting the Rock. During your family holiday, you’ll enjoy a relaxed mix of English and Mediterranean culture in the few square kilometres that make up the only British Overseas Territory in Europe.

Top Family Attractions in Gibraltar

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Along with the well-known routes of the Upper Rock Nature Reserve with St. Michael’s Cave, the Great Siege Tunnels, and World War II Tunnels, you’ll find the glass-floored Skywalk, opened by Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) in March 2018, and the Windsor Suspension Bridge. Both add a touch of adrenaline to the incredible views and old roads of the Upper Rock, inhabited by the only wild Macaques in Europe – Gibraltar’s famous “Rock Apes” or Barbary Macaques.

Down at sea-level you’ll find the marinas are not just a place to chill. Why not book a Dolphin trip out into the Gibraltar Bay and as well as enjoying the wildlife, you’ll see the Rock from a completely different perspective – a great family photo opportunity too!

Book Your Family Holiday in Gibraltar Today

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Ready to experience the perfect family holiday in Gibraltar? Book your stay at Bentley Holiday Apartments today – Gibraltar’s most popular self-catering apartments according to the Gibraltar Tourist Board website  –  and start planning an unforgettable adventure for the whole family!