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GuideVenturous: Next stop, Gibraltar!

27 October 2023

Ever thought about breaking free from the usual 9 to 5 grind and instead dive into a life filled with adventure? That’s what Jana and Matt did over a decade ago.


Iceland Vatnajokull

Jana & Matt: Iceland Vatnajokull


A couple originally from the Czech Republic and Sweden, they now live in the amazing city of Barcelona, Spain. Even before they met, they had each decided to step away from the corporate world to instead pursue a dream of travel. They have since built themselves a life around this passion for culture, history, architecture, wildlife, the outdoors, and for meeting people.

During their first trips together they started noticing that the most interesting places had one thing in common. They were all listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. To even get included on the list, these sites have to be pretty amazing and special. No wonder they kept getting captivated by them. And so they soon realised they wanted to see more of them. And that is how their project was born. As GuideVenturous, the couple have started on a one-of-a-kind expedition to become the first to visit all UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Tanzania Serengeti

Jana & Matt: Tanzania Serengeti


They have so far already visited 227 UNESCO World Heritage Sites across 44 countries. Sites as diverse and fascinating as the Serengeti in Tanzania, where they witnessed the beauty of nature on a truly grand scale and saw the Big 5. In Bagan, Myanmar, they rode an electric scooter through a landscape of ancient temple ruins. In the rose-red city of Petra in Jordan the couple hiked along its historic pathways, while the icy expanses of the Vatnajökull glacier in Iceland and the black lava trails of Mount Etna in Italy showed the contrasting and awe-inspiring versions of natural wonder.

Each of these amazing places shows a different piece of what makes the world so special and diverse, from cultures and history to nature’s wonders.

In November, their travels bring them through the south of Spain and on to Gibraltar where they’ll visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Gorham’s Cave Complex – the last refuge for the Neanderthals around 32,000 years ago. During their four-day visit, they’ll be staying in one of our luxury Bentley Holiday Apartments in WestOne.

When they’re not travelling themselves, they’re meeting travellers as tour guides in Barcelona. The job does not only allow them to share what they learn on their trips with travellers on their tours but also gives them a flexible schedule. During the summer, the couple takes shorter trips, and off-season winter gives them time for longer adventures to the further corners of the world. This rhythm of exploration and work takes them closer to their goal with each passing month, discovering the world bit by bit, site by site.



Jana & Matt: Mexico Calakmul

Jana & Matt: Mexico Calakmul

GuideVenturous is a platform where Jana and Matt share their experiences, insights, and practical guides with a growing community of travel enthusiasts. Their mission extends beyond just exploration; it’s about promoting active, conscious, responsible, and sustainable travelling – Travel With A Purpose.

Jana and Matt’s story shows what’s possible when you follow your heart, break free from the comfort zone, and travel into the unknown. As they continue, we invite you to join them, share in their experiences, and perhaps, find your own path of adventure!