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Top 10 Instagram places that you must go to in Gibraltar

1 December 2022

Gibraltar has several places to increase your Instagram followers. Let’s take a look at the Instagram places in Gibraltar for the best photos, so you can plan your Instagram game in advance and get the most out of your trip to Gibraltar.

Windsor Bridge

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The first of ten Instagram places in Gibraltar is the Windsow Bridge. This suspension bridge has been hanging over the approximately 50-metre-deep gorge since 2016, connecting two rocky points. The suspension bridge has a total length of 71 meters and can be wobbly. From here, you do have a great view of the Strait of Gibraltar and the city. It does take a bit of a walk to reach this bridge. If you are afraid of heights, you can also walk around the bridge. The view of the Strait of Gibraltar and the city is a very worthy Instagram place in Gibraltar.


One of the latest attractions built on the Rock of Gibraltar is the Skywalk, a huge glass platform 340 metres above the Mediterranean Sea. So just like the Windsor Bridge, you should not be afraid of heights to visit this one. Gibraltar-based architecture firm Arc Designs has transformed an old World War II military anti-aircraft platform at the top of the monument into a stunning glass ‘skywalk’ with stunning views of the rock and ocean. The ‘Gibraltar Skywalk’ consists of four layers of glass and more than 25 tonnes of steel embedded in the rocky, steep terrain. The platform can only be visited if you hold an entrance ticket to the Upper Rock Nature Reserve. Because of its exposed location, a strong wind often blows here, so you should not stay there for too long.

Bistro Point Balcony

bistro point

Bistro Point is a fine dining restaurant in Gibraltar within the University of Gibraltar. There is space for 100 people with table service and for 250 people with tapas, canapés, or buffets. It is also possible to have private, business, or wedding events in this restaurant. The delicious menu is created by Chef Ben Hayes and his team. Ben Hayes is a Michelin-trained chef. In addition, this restaurant is set on a balcony with amazing views across Europa Point in Gibraltar. Therefore, the food and the views make astonishing Instagram photos. This restaurant is open for breakfast as well as for lunch.

Monkey Trail

monkeys gib

World-famous and probably Gibraltar’s biggest attraction: the Barbary Macaques, the only macaque living outside Asia. The Rock of Gibraltar is the only place in Europe where monkeys live in freedom. They are native to north Africa and were probably brought by the British as pets or hunting trophies. The flora, climate, and rock pleased the monkeys and they have inhabited this special part of Europe ever since. During World War II, the monkey population declined sharply and the monkeys were threatened with extinction. Fortunately, Winston Churchill stood up for the monkeys and imported some animals from Morocco so they could breed again on the famous rock. Today, the monkeys are well looked after by Gibraltar’s animal police and thus many tourists can enjoy these unique monkeys in Europe every day!

Hustle ‘n’ Flow

hustle n flow

Hustle ‘n’ Flow Gibraltar is a health food café. It is one of the 6 Hustle ‘n Flow restaurants. The first one was opened in San Pedro de Alcántara, Spain, in 2018 with the goal:

“To make ‘eating healthy’ more enjoyable in every way, by providing consciously curated, visually stunning, predominantly plant based dishes, made with better quality ingredients in a fun & vibrant environment, where you always feel at home.”

This restaurant offers vegan and gluten-free alternatives for everything. Furthermore, they are in the top 10% of restaurants worldwide according to TripAdvisor The Traveler’s Choice Award. Therefore, this restaurant is a must-visit when you are in Gibraltar, and don’t forget to take the perfect photo for your Instagram feed.


Gibraltar airport is different from any other airport. Here, the runway and the access road cross. This crossing has to be closed with barriers. whenever a plane takes off or lands. Which creates incredible images. It is a fun sight. The barriers close as a plane crosses. Sometimes to taxi, sometimes to take off or land. When it has passed, the traffic crosses the runway. And so it goes day in, day out. Gibraltar’s unique airport is located on the isthmus that connects the rock to Spain. You can watch but also land here; most planes come from England. The runway is only 2,000 metres long, requiring extreme precision from pilots.



Crepetize is a newly opened patisserie that offers crepes, cakes, waffle sticks, cool milkshakes, and more. The decoration is also worth mentioning as the interior is designed with pink and white colors. Crepetize offers catering services besides eating in the restaurant. In addition, it is possible to order online on their website. Their food and milkshakes will be served in the most stunning way that it is the perfect Instagram spot.

Alameda Gardens

Alameda Gardens

Another, Instagram place in Gibraltar is the Gibraltar Alameda Gardens (Botanic Gardens), created as a recreation area for off-duty British soldiers, welcomes tourists and locals who want to escape the heat or just take a leisurely stroll. British governor George Don had a walkway built around the central square in 1815, which was later expanded into a network of paths and terraced beds. The neglected gardens were renovated in the first half of the 1990s, after which a zoo was added to the site. Apart from the four howitzer cannons guarding the bronze bust of General Eliot, the gardens have an open-air theatre that can also serve as a wedding venue.

Dolphin Trip

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Seven species of whales and dolphins can be found in the Strait of Gibraltar: regularly you can see common dolphins, striped dolphins (or blue and white dolphins), large bottlenose dolphins, and gravel whales (or pilot whales). Occasionally, it is possible to spot orcas, sperm whales, or fin whales. There are many possibilities to book a water safari. Observe these marine mammals on specially designed boats as the experienced crew sails through the waters of the iconic strait. Besides dolphins, there are also stunning views of Morocco, Spain, and the Rock of Gibraltar.

Mons Calpe Suite

The last of the ten Instagram places in Gibraltar is Monse Calpe Suite. This is a restaurant and bar. It is located within the Cable Car top station, at 412 meters high. Moreover, it is the only Top of the Rock restaurant. They have tasty food and astonishing cocktails all while enjoying the 220° stunning views over the Rock. Mons Calpe is open for brunch and lunch as well as for a quick bite and/or drinks. The view as well as the food will deliver an amazing Instagram photo.

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