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Perfect Day Trips and Excursions to do While Visiting Gibraltar

16 April 2021

Gibraltar has much to offer but you can pass the frontier to Andalucia or cross the sea to Africa to continue exploring. There are many places to visit in Spain and Africa but in this blog we are going to cover just a few you could do when visiting Gibraltar.


Morocco is just across the strait of Gibraltar, you can catch a ferry from the Spanish port of Tarifa or Algeciras.

The African coast can be seen from the very end of Gibraltar. Visit Bistro Point for the best panoramic views . There are regular excursions to the port of Tangier from the Spanish ports of Tarifa and Algeciras. You can catch a quick bus to the ports. The ferry ride is a short ride of 1-2 hours. If you have traveled by car to visit Gibraltar you can also take your car on the ferry. Tangier is the most popular port that most ferries land in. This cultured city is waiting to be discovered with many hidden gems in the old town.

The Famous Kasbah

The Kasbah which was a 17th century Luxury palace, is now hidden between houses and residential buildings. It is likely that you will stumble upon it by accident. The palace has now been converted into a museum. Situated on a high hill you have the most amazing views of the Mediterranean and Pacific Oceans. Tangier has a large history dating back to the 8th century BC. The museum has many points of interest and artifacts to display. The perfect spot for a historian,  or a family adventure through the ages of this great civilization.

Other things to do in Tangier

The food markets are also an interesting and cultured experience. With all sorts of fresh fruits, olives, herbs and spices. The orange juice market is a spot to have a rest and refreshment. You can visit just for the day but if you are looking to stay over night, Tangier has many accommodations to offer.  For example Luxury Apartments, like our Westone Luxury Self Catered Apartments, or hotels and Airbnb’s. There is a beach called the Plage Municipale which provides beautiful views over to the Spanish coast. Tangier is worth a visit if you have more time on your hands. It offers a completely different culture and way of life with many undiscovered gems. Tangier has a relatively low tourism statues, making it a quiet destination.

Ceuta, the little province of Spain in Morocco

Ceuta is a small piece of Spanish owned land in Morocco. Offering the mix between Spanish and Moroccan cultures the city is vibrant with a rich history. Many civilizations have fought to take over this little province. You can also get a ferry from the port of Alegciras to Ceuta. No more than 1-2 hours on a ferry, it is possible to complete the visit in 1 day.

La Casa de los Dragones

The casa de los dragones in other words the house of dragons is a must see when in Ceuta. Built between 1900-1905 for the Mayor of Ceuta at the time. 4 Large fiberglass dragons sit perched on the corners of the building, as if ready to swoop down and take their prey. The dragons were replaced in 2006 with fiberglass figures as the building sat for 80 years without dragons, the originals were taken down and lost in 1925. The inside of the house has recently been renovated.

The Royal Walls

You should also visit the locally known Royal walls, official name Murallas Reales Defensive Walls.. These towering walls protect the city and offer a great defense from enemy lines. They also have a sea ditch separating the walls to the city to make it harder to attack by sea. The walls have been described as impenetrable. Built in the middle ages the walls protected the city from immigrants and illegal nationals also entering in to the African Mainland. The Portuguese added extra strength to the walls when they had control over Ceuta. They added in bastions and drawbridge to further improve it’s defense. Today you are able to walk around the Royal walls and see how strategically built they really are.

Alternatively you can discover sunny Spain by just crossing the frontier!

The Spanish coast surrounding Gibraltar has so much to offer, there are many things to see and do. You can visit one of the many towns just after the boarder like La Line de la Concepcion for great cheap tapas or Algeciras for some shopping. There is also the affluent port of Sotogrande that is worth a visit. A small version of Puerto Banus in Marbella. The port has many super yachts, nice beach bars and you can even watch a game of polo in the summer months.

Further a field you have the surf town of Tarifa, perfect to watch the kite surfers on a sandy beach with a cocktail or two! The small town of Tarifa is bursting with tapas bars and restaurants. This cute little town has so much to offer that you could spend the whole day exploring it’s coast. There are also hotels and apartments if you wanted to spend the night.

Excursions do run from Gibraltar to other popular places like Sevilla, Malaga, Granada and Cadiz. There is plenty to see in each city with a unique point of interest. If you do have chance to do an excursion it is highly recommended, after visiting us here at Westone Luxury Self Catered Apartment in Gibraltar, of course!