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The Perfect Anniversary in Gibraltar

25 February 2021

Whether you are visiting Gibraltar for the first time or the fifth time, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! Gibraltar has many romantic spots and beautiful scenery to enjoy your anniversary in peace and tranquility.

The hustle and bustle of Main street will suit the active vibrant couple while Queensway quay is the perfect place for a quiet romantic dinner. Anyway, whatever you’re looking for, it’s guaranteed that Gibraltar will have it!

The secret to the perfect anniversary is setting the mood. Firstly, you need to choose the right accommodation! Of course, we hope you choose Westone Luxury Self Catered Apartments! We provide a private environment where you and your spouse can enjoy views of the marina, a sunny terrace and pool.

How long should you stay for an anniversary trip

Firstly let’s set things straight, you need to decide on the length of time. Two nights should be sufficient enough time to enjoy the weekend:

  • One night doesn’t leave you enough time to truly enjoy the experience and leaves you rushing from one airport to the next.
  • Three nights and over can feel too long, Gibraltar is only small and so unless you plan to do some exploring into Spain, you may be struggling to find things to do after the first few nights. A short stay leaves you with more spending money to enjoy whilst on your trip.

Plan your trip and where you would like to eat and stay.

The second most important factor to the perfect anniversary trip is planning! You could even keep the plans a surprise. Book a table at the restaurant you think would suit both of your needs; it is never too early. Plan and ask your accommodation if they can supply anything extra for the special weekend. Westone Luxury Self Catered Apartments would be happy to supply one of our anniversary packages which include a bottle of Cava and chocolates, or pre-ordered flowers in the apartment for your arrival. Just ask us!

There are plenty of restaurants to choose from in Gibraltar. They offer many different cuisines from Indian to Spanish and English! We do recommend to book a table so you have a guaranteed space, but also don’t be shy! Ask the restaurant if they can offer anything extra for your anniversary, like your spouse’s favorite bottle of wine or desert. Maybe they can offer you the best seat in the house or a special menu. There’s no harm in asking.

When should you travel?

We would recommend to travel at the weekend as this does mean that the bars and restaurants will have an atmosphere and be filled with people and music, if this is your thing. However, the weekends can be more expensive when travelling by plane. The weekdays will still have a nice atmosphere but will tend to be quieter with bars closing at earlier hours.

Take advantage of offers, we regularly have offers running for guests who book last minute. It can be a bit risky and contradict the idea of planning, but booking your accommodation last minute might save you some money, subject to availability.

What to do once in Gibraltar

Here are many things to do in Gibraltar for a romantic day with your spouse

  • The Botanical Gardens
  • Commonwealth Park for a picnic in the sun.
  • Catalan bay for a day at the beach
  • Queensway key for a coffee date.
  • Atlantic suites Spa day – just across the road from the Westone Luxury Self Catered Apartments.
  • Go Ice skating, the ice rink is just a short walk away from the Short-Term Rental Apartments
  • Watch the sun rise/sun set from the top of the Rock!

Endless opportunities to make your anniversary special and keep that spark alive!

If you are here for an extended length of time, why not explore? Spain has further things to offer. The frontier is a small car journey away, across the runway,  you can pass easily with the correct identifications and documents.

In any case, it would be a pleasure to accommodate you for your special occasion. You experience is important to us. Our luxury self catered apartments are private with the possibility of a romantic touch. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and book you trip now!